Meet The Horses
We do assign you to your horse according to everyone's height, and weight; as well as which horse has had a rest period. You may ask for a horse, and if the timing is right, and you are the right fit we will attempt to make your request happen.  Please be aware that staff makes all final decisions for the health, happiness, and safety of all horses and riders.  Thank you for your understanding!
  1. Sully
    I love to lead the trail! I hang out by the fence and greet people. I like a gentle pat on the neck and to hear how handsome you think I am. I am a chestnut, Thoroughbred-cross, gelding (boy).
  2. Wilma
    I'm pretty much fabulous. I can do anything. Well, as long as it's my idea. I'll let you tag along. Just don't get bossy. I'm in charge here. I'm a red- roan, Appoloosa, mare (girl).
  3. Strawberry
    I'm the unicorn. Some say I'm spoiled. I get to roam free most days, and as long as I don't walk down the train tracks they let me do what I want. I'm a "strawberry" roan, Paint, gelding (boy).
  4. Leo
    My legs are long so most tall riders get me. I've been called a giraffe. I'm not sure what that is, but I like to eat the leaves above my head. I'm a palomino, American Mustang-cross, gelding (boy).
  5. Sriracha
    I am a sweet girl even though my name is spicy. I love long naps and snacking on the trail. I'm a red dun, Quarter Horse, mare (girl).
  6. Vera
    I live for food! You'll find me trying to steal my neighbor's breakfast after (or even before) I've finished my own! I also like to lead the trail. I'm a black&white, Paint, mare (girl).
  7. Bubbles
    I love everyone, but Joe is my best friend in the whole world. I've been called the class clown, and I'm ok with that. I'm a black, Appendix Quarter Horse, gelding (boy).
  8. Dory
    I am the quiet one. I sometimes forget where I'm going. Is that ok? Will you help me stay on the right trail? If not we can just snack!! I'm a cherry bay, stock Paint, mare (girl).
  9. Little Debbie
    I loooooove swimming! We don't have a pool here, so I've been know to jump in the water tub when I think no one is looking! I'm a dark bay, Quarter Horse, mare (girl).
  10. Priscilla
    I tailgate. The other horses will have to deal with it. I've been here forever, and I'm a princess. Indigo is my BFF. I may be short, but I am very strong. I'm a chestnut, Quarter Horse, mare (girl).
  11. Joe
    I can go anywhere in line. I don't like tailgaters & will swish my tail if they get close. I LOVE TO EAT! I get chunky so don't let me snack too much! I am a chestnut, pony cross, gelding (boy).
  12. Walter
    I'm a wider guy... not very friends call my Shamoo! I like the back of the trail so I can eat extra snacks where the trail guides can't see me! I'm a blue roan, Quarter Horse, gelding (boy).
  13. Indigo
    My BF is Prissy. I am a full-figured-filly and my shoulders are very round. Please keep centered so we can both stay balanced. I'm a black, draft cross, mare (girl).